“You Have Come As Tourist!“

An Evening with the Herero Chief Vipura Kapuuo of Ovitoto

In the last half of our journey, with the help of Alfred Angula (Farm Workers Union, NAFWU), we were able to establish contact with the Herero Chief Vipura Kapuuo. Vipura Kapuuo is a Chief of the Ovitoto region in the Northeast of Namibia, a traditional Herero settlement. One of the relatives of Chief Kapuuo, his uncle Clemens Kapuuo, a representative of the Herero people in the 1960ies, was one of the first to confront the German war veteran associations for their backward and nostalgic annual commemoration services at the foot of the Waterberg, where the genocide on the Herero started.

Chief Kapuuo was accompanied by Prof. Peter Katjavivi, the former embassador of Namibia in Germany until 2008, Prof. Murumba Kerina, an important figure in the liberation struggle on an international level in the United Nations and also a former Member of the Namibian Parliament for the Swapo Party, Mrs. Kasukona Rosalia Tjaveondja and Mr. Kavetjina Ndisiro and last but not least by Picky S. Kaumunika, who has studied in Germany and who was asked to translate the talk.
Our interest was to learn more about their positions and views of the debate on reparation for the genocide of the Herero people, committed by German Soldiers during the colonial war from 1904 to 1908.

“Expectations”: Peter Katjavivi speaks about expectations on white German visitors in Namibia and how to find common grounds to talk about the colonial past and crimes.
Herero Chief Expectations

“Reparation”: Firstly, Murumba Kerina is talking about the attempts of the German government to avoid compensation payments and about the role of the German Namibians. Peter Katjavivi continues to speak about his hopes to come to a German-Namibian dialogue at eye level.
Herero Chief Reparation